Short History

Short History

Short history and Profile of the Faculty of Medicine of Trisakti University


The Faculty of Medicine of Trisakti University was officially founded by the Indonesian Government on November 29, 1965, through the Decrees of the Minister of Higher Education and Science  under  Nos. 013/dar/1965 and 014/dar/1965 that were signed by the Minister of Higher Education and Science, Dr. Sjarif Thajeb. Since its foundation the Faculty of Medicine has graduated 6,452 medical doctors, the majority of these alumni currently occupying strategic positions in health care and the community.

Since 2005 the Faculty of Medicine  of Trisakti University has instituted the Competency-Based Curriculum  with a study period of 11 semesters. The curriculum that based on basic principles is categorized into several modules that have a series of face-to-face learning experiences, tutorials, seminars, expert lectures, basic medical practice, basic clinical skills training, and clinical clerkships in the Teaching Hospitals and Public Health Centers. The curriculum is upgraded every 5 years according to national and global developments in the medical sciences.


To round off all student learning experiences, the medical curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine of Trisakti University is divided into two continuous study programs, namely the Medical Science Study Program  followed by the Medical Profession Study Program  or clerkship. The operational license and accreditation is renewed at 5-yearly intervals. In 2021, the Medical Study Program was awarded accreditation status A by the Institute for Independent Accreditation of Schools of Higher Education in the field of Medicine.


To maintain quality standards in implementing the Three Pillars of Higher Education, the Faculty of Medicine has its Faculty Quality Assurance. The current physical facilities of the Faculty of Medicine of Trisakti University are deemed to be completely up to date, such that the next development program will be particularly more directed and prioritized to quality upgrading of lecturers and its management. To increase the quality of the lecturers, the Faculty of Medicine has sent a number of lecturers for advanced study at strata S3 level in various institutions of higher education, both nationally and internationally, and locally at the Trisakti University itself. At year-end of 2020/2021 the Faculty of Medicine of Trisakti University had an academic teaching staff of 123 full-time and 24 part-time lecturers. Full-time lecturers with postgraduate qualifications comprise 17 persons and those with an academic qualification of Lector and upwards comprise 12 persons. The lecturer-to-student ratio meets the National Accreditation Standards for Higher Education.