One of the visions of the Medical Science Study Program of the Faculty of Medicine of Trisakti University is to become the best information-technology-based Medical Science Study Program in Indonesia by the year 2025. In an endeavor to attain said vision, the learning method used is a blended learning system, that combines face-to-face learning with online learning.

Online learning in the Medical Science Study Program of the Faculty of Medicine of Trisakti University is managed by TRI-MEDELIN (Trisakti Medical e-learning), which is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS). In this LMS the educational staff and students can interact without limits of time and location, both for tasking, task collection, or assessment. All activity via said LMS is registered and recorded. This LMS can be accessed via the following portal: https://trimedelin.fk-trisakti.id.

TRI-MEDELIN is administered by 82 professional educational staff in 41 courses/modules, from semester 1 up to and including semester 7, such that it is expected to be able to provide integrated and comprehensive medical learning material.

The Trisakti Online Learning Center has developed a system that can facilitate the lecturers and students in that they can have online face-to-face meetings via video conferencing (vicon). There are 18 online meeting rooms for the Medical Science Program and 14 online meeting rooms for the Medical Profession Study Program. The educational staff and the students may select the room according to the appointed schedule.

With the presence of the Vicon facility, learning by the large class method, tutorial discussions, and training of Basic Clinical Skills can be conducted online. The educational staff and students may have online two-way interactions.