National Collaboration

National Collaboration

The Faculty of Medicine of Trisakti University has long-standing collaboration with many educational and non-educational institutions to support the academic activities of the Medical Science Study Program and the Medical Profession Study Program as well as activities supporting the Three Pillars of Higher Education.

The institutions collaborating with the Faculty of Medicine of Trisakti University are as follows:

  1. Teaching hospitals for clerkships, consisting of principal, networking, and satellite teaching hospitals
    1. Dr Mintohardjo Navy Hospital
    2. Budhi Asih Regional General Hospital
    3. Karawang Regional General Hospital
    4. Kardinah General Hospital, Tegal
    5. KRMT Wongsonegoro Regional General Hospital, Semarang City
    6. Sitanala Lepra Hospital
    7. H. Marzoeki Mahdi Hospital, Bogor
    8. DR Soeharto Heerdjan Mental Hospital
    9. Magelang Mental Hospital
  2. Government of Jakarta Special Capital Province
    1. Tebet Public Health Center
    2. Cilandak Public Health Center
    3. Mampang Prapatan Public Health Center
    4. Pasar Minggu Public Health Center
    5. Jagakarsa Public Health Center
    6. Pesanggrahan Public Health Center
  3. State Faculties of Medicine for clerkships in Forensic Medicine
  1. Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University – Yogyakarta
  2. Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University – Semarang
    1. Agency for Occupational Health and Safety, Ministry of Manpower RI
    2. Other institutions:
  3. Prodia Clinical Laboratory
  4. Indonesian Health Policy Network
  5. Medco Foundation
  6. Dharmais Cancer Hospital
  7. R. Said Sukanto Level I Police General Hospital

Kerjasama dengan RSAL Dr. Mintohardjo

Kerjasama dengan RSUD Budhi Asih

Kerjasama dengan RSAU Dr. Esnawan Antariksa

Kerjasama dengan PT Prodia

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