Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and Counseling

Academic Guidance and Counseling by Guidance Lecturer 

Method: Each student has a guardian lecturer  whose function is to provide academic guidance for at least 3 times per semester, in the form of consultations on academic progress of the students.
Execution: Consultations on the Study Results Card (KHS), online filling of the Student Co-Curricular Achievement Credit System (SKPM) form, and approval for filling of the Study Planning Card (KRS). Evaluation of the study results, online filling of the SKPM and KRS via the website and  the guardian lecturer conducting online verification and approval via the  website At each Guidance and Counseling session the students and the guardian lecturer fill the online communications column.
Results: The course of the study and the student academic and non-academic activities may be monitored, and  the number of modules to be taken must be in line with the results, such that the students may smoothly follow their studies, graduate on time, and obtain an excellent Cumulative Achievement Index.

Non-Academic Guidance and Counseling 

Method: Non-Academic Guidance and Counseling of the Counseling Team of the Faculty of Medicine of Trisakti University is conducted by professionals who have been appointed by Decree of the Dean, consisting of specialists in Psychiatry and Clinical  Psychology. Students who experience non-academic difficulties or problems that impact on their academic and non-academic activities and cannot be solved together with the guardian lecturer , will be followed up by the Counseling Team of the Faculty.
Execution: The team assists the students to search for alternative solutions to their problems or gives information, education, and if necessary administers pharmacotherapy for the problem or condition that is faced. Requests for counseling may be done by the guardian lecturer, or recommended by the Head of the Study Program or the Team of the Student Disciplinary Commission.
Results:. There are on average per semester 3-4 students who are consulting, be it for personal, family, and financial problems. After the consultations, the students should be able to overcome their non-academic problems, to successfully follow their studies, and to solve the problems that may interfere with the academic process.

Guidance and  Consultations  for  Composition of the Final paper (Undergraduate thesis).

Method: Guidance is done intensively for 2 semesters, with the requirement of minimally 5 times of Guidance. This refers to the Guide on Writing of the final paper (undergraduate thesis) that is issued by the Faculty of Medicine of Trisakti University.
Execution: The students meet with the undergraduate thesis guidance lecturer and  undergo Guidance. After completion of the Guidance, the guidance lecturer signs the Guidance sheet
Results: The students are able to complete the undergraduate thesis on time and  if there are problems in the formulation of the proposal, conducting the research, or the research results, these may be readily overcome, such that the students may graduate on time.
In the academic year 2018/2019 97.63% of the students were able to complete their final paper (undergraduate thesis) on time.

  • SOP ini dibuat oleh DR.dr. Agnes Tineke Waney R. Sp.KJ
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